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Why I am Starting a Blog

January 08, 2017

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for awhile now, and what better time of the year to start something new than January? I have a few primary motivations for starting a blog, but here are the big ones:

Get Better at Writing

I believe that being a good writer is an important skill, and writing consistently for a blog is a great way to improve. Now that I have graduated college, I won’t be forced to write for classes, so I think it will be beneficial improve my writing skills through other means.

Make Money

It probably is very hard to make money blogging, and I don’t expect to make anything significant until putting in a few years of work, but why not try? The idea of “passive income” or making money that is not earned on an hourly or salaried basis is very appealing to me and others. Many people are drawn to passive income, and I think too many people equate passive with easy. I learned while making mobile apps that passive income takes an incredible amount of upfront work and maintenance. However, I still think that it is worth trying because there is a big upside and virtually no downside. Any time that I use writing posts will help me develop my writing skills. In the worst case, I can delete my blog and move on as a much better writer. In the best case, I could make enough money from the blog to cover all my expenses.

To Share Information

I have a lot of knowledge and experiences that I think may be of interest to other people. There have been countless times that I have stumbled on blog posts of some obscure solution to a software problem that I am have been struggling with for hours, and it saves me a lot of pain and suffering. Maybe I have some information that I can share that will make someone’s life easier or better.

Build an Audience for a Product

After deciding to dissolve my mobile app company, I have been trying to figure out what kind of product I can create and sell. It sucks building software that no one wants, and I hope that by blogging I can find an area of interest that overlaps with a strong market need or some problem. I plan to write about a bunch of different topics that I am interested in first and then narrow in on a single niche by analyzing what posts are the most popular. To start I plan to release at least one post each month, but more if I have time.

Here are some of the types of things that you can look forward to reading about:

  • My experience starting a mobile app company in college
  • Why I do strange things like roasting my own coffee
  • Reviews of great books that I am reading
  • My obsession with cryptocurrencies
  • Other software projects that I work on outside of my day job

Hopefully, other people will find these posts interesting.

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Ryan Yosua

I am a software engineer currently working as a contractor at Nutrien. At Nutrien I am working with a team to develop an e-commerce site built in JavaScript and React. I occasionally blog about technology and entrepreneurship.